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WordPress Cohort (Private)

In this cohort we’ll work through the steps of creating a WordPress website in a sandbox which you can migrate to your own live site when we’re through.

We’ll use:

First, we’ll start by setting up an Amazon LightSail Sandbox installation, which gives us all the baseline to work from. 

Then we’ll get to assemble the assets we’ll need to start working on the site. Next, we’ll get to know WordPress and Elementor. 

After that we’ll start the creative process and build out the site, after choosing templates and pull it all together.

And then you can move it to your own host, or you can hook your domain name up and keep it on Amazon.

Housekeeping Notes:

Let’s keep the chat out of the Coronitas Chat and use the discussion board to help each other out (the true value of a cohort!) but remember if you have a tech question you can ping me on Messenger.  

COHORT vs COURSE: What’s the difference?

In a cohort there is a lesson presented and the group works together if there are added questions or support needed. The instructor is there to guide, confirm, and correct any errors, but it’s a collaborative effort.