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Merch For Authors

Give your readers a way to show off their love of your world with your own merch shop!

Merch you thought would be too difficult or tedious:

You can easily create t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, and hoodies.

What about branded notebooks?

Framed art of your characters and worlds?

Have all the merch, with none of the hassle with international drop shipping.


Branded merchandise is a crowd pleasing passive income stream to supplement your income.

Join Chelle Honiker and Alice Briggs as they walk through the setup of a WooCommerce shop in under an hour.

What’s Covered:

  • The Basics of Dropshipping for Authors
  • Dropship Companies Ideal for Authors 
  • Setting up a Sample Printful Shop with Product Templates & Products
  • The Basics of Image Licensing & Formatting for Products 
  • Setting up WooCommerce on a WordPress Website
  • Linking Printful and WooCommerce to Automatically Populate Your Store
  • The Basics of Tax Collection
  • How to Calculate your Tax Nexus
  •  The Printful Dashboard and Profit Calculator

Not on WooCommerce or WordPress? No problem!!! These platforms easily integrate with all the common website builders.